Recent Projects

Freelance Editor, Sound Designer and Mixer for YouTube Channel Sailing La Vagabonde.  The show is a weekly VLOG with 1.64 million subscribers about Australian sailors and video bloggers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu and their son Lenny, as they sail around the world. (Notably the family that sailed Greta Thunberg across the North Atlantic.) These 3 videos that I edited have been seen by more than 3 million viewers!
Episode #282

Episode #283

Episode #284

THIS is a link to a Youtube Playlist of 38 films about Colorado Musicians and artists that I wrote, Produced, and composed and performed original music, edited and mixed.

Recent projects and clients:

  • Producer and Mixer/engineer for ongoing collaboration with Mike Stern and Bob Schlesinger multiple Videos and a 2nd CD project Unreleased.
  • Producer and Mixer “Brush Strokes” CD for Pianist Bob Schlesinger featuring: Eddie Gomez – Bass, Mike Stern – Guitar and Billy Drummond  – Drums
  • Co-sponsoring and media production for the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival with Peter Henriksen, 2020 Festival promo Video,  and Henriksen Amplifiers.
  • Here you can listen to several interviews/podcasts I recorded/mixed and produced at the 2019 gathering: RMAF Interviews
  • Podcast Producer and sound designer, on-air personality for Guitar Talk with Grammy award winner Jamie Kime: Guitar Talk Podcast
  • Producer and Mixer Christian Teele musician Documentary
  • Producer and Mixer Cass Clayton Band Promotional Video
  • Producer Mark Oblinger Music Video “No Regrets”
  • Producer for Musician Mark Oblinger Videos and Live at The Dairy Concert Video – Mark Oblinger Videos
  • Producing a 5 Camera shoot with Live Remote audio, Live at The Boulder Theater: Chris Daniels and The Kings 35th anniversary Concert.
  • Colorado Music Hall of Fame – more than 35 Colorado Musician and educators short form documentaries
  • AEG Live – Chuck Morris Biography Documentary
  • Students for Education Reform
  • Motus Theater in collaboration with Yo Yo Ma – Post Production supervisor, editor and mixer for short Film
  • Naropa University and the Authentic Leadership Program – Producer, editor, mixer for Multiple videos and media content
  • Media and Technology Guest lecturer at Multiple Universities
  • Producing a Monthly Jazz Concert series featuring the top Jazz musicians of Colorado. Jazz at The Wesley. Featuring local artists like Hazel Miller and Robert Johnson. Every month features a different artist and a different theme to explore. Jazz at The Wesley
  • Arts Martin acres Non-profit short film
  • Producing, editing and mixing multiple short films for Naropa University: Spark Talks educational series and Naropa Windhorse awards.
  • Producer and Media consultant for Naropa University eNaropa online education initiative and the Authentic Leadership Program. Developing curriculum, editing and producing media content, Audio and Video, for online education environment.
  • Guest Lecturer at Denver University – For Music & Entertainment Industry Studies at University of Colorado Denver, to teach MA Post production 2nd year students
  • AV Technical consultant at NIST, (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Boulder
  • Post Production Supervisor and consultant for ABC TV and Finish Line Post in LA
  • Boulder County Arts Alliance
  • Mediators Foundation
  • Motus Theater
  • AFCA
  • Colorado University of Boulder
  • Naropa University
  • Arise Music Festival
  • Caffè Sole
  • Hazel Miller
  • Burning Man Arts Summit 2018
  • Syndicate Studios
  • Arts Martin Acres
  • FOCO Ft. Collins
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Boulder County Office of Arts & Culture
  • Boulder Arts Week
  • Band of Toughs theater company

Past Clients: National, International and Local:

  • Michael Jackson – Synclavier/Music programmer Dangerous Tour
  • Sting – Synclavier Programmer
  • Post Supervisor ADR for Harry Potter DVD’s 1 and 2 in 23 language
  • Dreamworks – Sound designer, composer, dialog editor and mixer for Goosebumps a Night in Horror Land Game
  • Immersion Haptic Design for:
    • 14 short films for the Cannes Film Festival 2017
    • Netflix
    • Luke Cage
    • Cadillac
    • Bose
    • Ford F150
    • Cannes Film Festival
  • NHK Tokyo – Television and Post production Consultant
  • Fox Family Channel – Lead Mixer On-Air Promos
  • Nickelodeon – Sound design and Mixing
  • Ted Turner – Sound design for feature Film Gettysburg
  • Entertainment Tonight – Sound design and Mixer
  • Amblin – Sound design
  • ABC TV
  • Nickelodeon – Eureeka’s Castle, emmy nominated Music and sound design team
  • Mixer for Daniel Gilbert’s “Before the Sunrise” CD with Guest Russell Ferrante from the Yellowjackets,
  • Burning Man, Arts Summit Talks
  • Warner Bros. DVD Post production supervideo and ADR, Sound design: Batman returns

Live stream consultant for multiple online Music Festivals and Live venues

Masterclass seminars for Guitar Master Intensive/Sonora Guitar Intensive

Online Masterclasses for