Recent Local Projects

This is a short documentary I Produced and mixed for the Colorado Music Hall of Fame with Scott Rowland and, about well known Jazz musicians and educators from Colorado. Artists Charles Burrell, Bill Frisell, Ron Miles, Dianne Reeves, and Earth Wind and Fire members Larry Dunn, Philip Bailey, and Andrew Woolfolk. I am honored to have been able to help tell some of the story of these amazing artists. ( I also got to collaborate with my good friend Robert Johnson as the Voiceover talent for the film.)

These are 2 short documentaries that I Produced and Mixed for the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, KBCO and AEG Presents:

Short Documentary about Colorado Musician Christian Teele:

Concert Promo Video for Colorado Musician Cass Clayton:

This is a Video I Produced, as part of a new “Makers series” about Front Range Craftsmen. This one is about a Boutique electric guitar amplifier maker here in Colorado.

A recent documentary style series of Videos I produced for Naropa University:

A community Art Project I Produced and Mixed with ALOC Media

This was a Live 4 camera shoot of a “TED Talk” style engagement where I produced seven 20 minute talks, created the original title sound design and mixed the audio:

A video I produced for the FoCo Cafe, a  non-profit in Ft. Collins, Co.

An informational video about the Boulder County Arts Alliance.

Producing, recording, shooting, Mixing and editing a Live recording session.  We recorded all the audio Direct to Protools and used 2 GoPros, 2 Zoom Q2’s and a DSLR. Afterwards I mixed the tracks in Protools and then edited  the video in Finalcut X:

A promotional Video I Produced and edited, for the Boulder Jazz Supper club Caffe Sole:

A sound design I did for ALOC’s Logo animation.

I am currently working on multiple projects:
I am Producing and mixing a documentary film for the Colorado Rock and Roll hall of Fame about Jazz Legends Ron Miles, Bill Frisell, Diane Reeves and Earth, Wind and Fire. I am also Mixing a Jazz CD for Pianist Bob Schlesinger featuring Jazz greats Eddie Gomez on Bass, (Bill Evans, Coltrane, Michael Brecker and Chick Corea), and Jazz Guitarist Mike Stern. I am also Producing, mixing and playing Guitar on a CD with guest artists from around the world, (Guitar Virtuoso Andreas Oberg, Jeff Paris, Robert Johnson, Linda Styles, Christian Teele, and many more). In collaboration with Motus Theater I recently edited and mixed a live performance piece featuring Cellist Yo You Ma.

I am also just finishing producing, editing, sound designing and mixing a documentary film about Mediators Foundation for Mark Gerzon and recently filmed  a stunning live performance at Naropa University for Golden Bridges. Last year I created and produced Haptic design for 14 short films for the Cannes International Film Festival.