About John

John March – Owner JM Media Services LLC,  Media Consultant and Producer, Sound Mixer, Sound Designer, Editor, Social and environmental activist.

For the last 40 years I have been working freelance as an audio craftsman/technologist, Producer and A/V technology consultant, as well as a session musician, in multiple areas of expertise and development, and I am currently focused entirely on creating opportunities that utilize my aggregate skill-sets and diverse professional experience to help solve problems that serve the greater good, and supports the community.

As an Audio and Video craftsman and Music Producer/Mixer, I am able to solve complex problems and function as a liaison between fiscal, technical, logistical and creative team members. My specialties include advanced creative problem solving and consulting, team building and production methodology, and utilizing cutting-edge and evolving technologies. I also have extensive experience in Post production for Music, Audio and Video, Sound design, Haptic design, New Media, VR/AR as well as traditional Production and Post production workflow and methodology. My top priority is always to bring out the best in the people I work with, in order to create the best possible end product. I am entirely focused on creating affordable high quality  media and content for Non-profits, educational institutions, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.

Recent articles:

Link: A recent article about me and my work in Voyage Denver Magazine

Link: A Recent article about Mixing sound and music for Jazz Guitar Today magazine.  

Link: to a recent Article: The Sacred Nature of service in the digital age.

Link: to Client Testimonials  

Services offered: If you need more information or wish to discuss your project, please contact me for a free consultation! For rates and more information or to schedule a discovery call please email me: jmmediaservicesllc at gmail dot com

Skills and technical services:

  • Producer
  • Mixing for any delivery Platform
  • AV Media and Technology Consultant
  • Protools and Multiple DAW’s
  • Music editing
  • Music Mixing
  • Live sound Mixing
  • Adobe Premiere, Finalcut Pro and Protools expert
  • OBS, Zoom, YouTube Live and various Livestream production methodologies for education and entertainment
  • Video editing, and  color correction
  • VR production consulting
  • Haptics editorial and design for National and international Mobile Media Campaigns
  • Sound design for all media forms

Past Clients: National, International and Local:

  • Michael Jackson – Synclavier/Music programmer Dangerous Tour
  • Sting – Synclavier Programmer
  • Post Supervisor ADR for Harry Potter DVD’s 1 and 2 in 23 languages
  • Dreamworks
  • Immersion Haptic Design for:
    • 14 short films for the Cannes Film Festival 2017
    • Netflix
    • Luke Cage
    • Cadillac
    • Bose
    • Ford F150
    • Cannes Film Festival
  • NHK Tokyo – Television and Post production Consultant
  • Fox Family Channel – Lead Mixer On-Air Promos
  • Nickelodeon – Sound design and Mixing
  • Ted Turner – Sound design for feature Film Gettysburg
  • Entertainment Tonight – Sound design and Mixer
  • Amblin – Sound design
  • ABC TV
  • Nickelodeon – Eureeka’s Castle, emmy nominated Music and sound design team
  • Burning Man, Arts Summit Talks
  • Warner Bros. DVD Post production supervideo and ADR, Sound design: Batman returns

Live stream consultant for multiple online Music Festivals and Live venues

Awards and recognition:

  • Emmy Nomination for sound design team member for Eureeka’s Castle for Nickelodeon
  • Golden Globe Nomination for sound design team for the Feature film Gettysburg, Turner films.
Music and Guitar services page –  Zenguitarguy Music Page

Projects in development:
Aside from my works as a Producer, mixer and artist I am developing two projects: 1) A short film about the re-imagining of how money works and the development of Altruistic Capitalism.  2) Developing resources and partners to help create and establish sustainable/affordable housing and health and human services for aging musicians and artists who have lived a Life of Art,  but who are outside the social services norm, and not being supported by the status quo.