About John

John March – Owner JM Media Services LLC,  Producer, Sound Mixer, Sound Designer, Social and environmental activist.

I am an audio craftsman/technologist, Producer and A/V technology consultant, with multiple areas of expertise and experience, and I am currently focused on creating opportunities that utilize my aggregate skill-sets and diverse professional experience to help solve problems that serve the greater good.

As an Audio and Video craftsman and Music Producer/Mixer/sound designer, I am able to solve complex problems and function as a liaison between fiscal, technical, logistical and creative team members. My specialties include advanced creative problem solving and consulting, team building and production methodology, and utilizing cutting-edge and evolving technologies. I own a state of the art Protools audio Mix bay and a Video Bay with Adobe Premiere and I own a large sound design and FX library with the most current tools and software for Sound design. I am connected to the production world via Fiber optic cable, which allows me to move large data files around quickly, with clients in LA, Colorado, NYC, London, Spain and Japan.  I also have extensive experience in Post production and mixing for: Podcast production, Sound design, Haptic design, Youtube postproduction and editing workflow, VR/AR as well as traditional Production and Post production workflow and methodology for Live Streaming, Film and TV.  My top priority is always to bring out the best in the people I work with, in order to help create the best possible end product.

Skills and technical services:

  • Sound design for all media: Games, Podcasts, Video/Social Media and Youtube and Film, Animation, Commercials, etc…
  • VO recording and editing
  • ADR and localization
  • Mixing for any delivery Platform
  • AV Media and Technology Consultant
  • Protools and Multiple DAW’s
  • Music editing
  • Music Mixing
  • Adobe Premiere, Finalcut Pro
  • OBS, Zoom, YouTube, Sessionwire and various Livestream production methodologies
  • Haptics design and integration
  • Producer for:  Video and audio based content, postproduction supervision, Games, Podcasts, Music

Past Clients: National, International and Local:

  • Post Supervisor ADR for Harry Potter DVD’s 1 and 2 in 23 languages
  • Dreamworks
  • Immersion Haptic Design for:
    • 14 short films for the Cannes Film Festival 2017
    • Netflix
    • Luke Cage
    • Cadillac
    • Bose
    • Ford F150
    • Cannes Film Festival
  • NHK Tokyo – Television and Post production Consultant
  • Michael Jackson – Synclavier/Music programmer Dangerous Tour
  • Sting – Synclavier Programmer
  • Fox Family Channel – Lead Mixer On-Air Promos
  • Nickelodeon – Sound design and Mixing
  • Ted Turner – Sound design for feature Film Gettysburg
  • Entertainment Tonight – Sound design and Mixer
  • Amblin – Sound design
  • ABC TV
  • Nickelodeon – Eureeka’s Castle, Emmy nominated Music and sound design team
  • Burning Man, Arts Summit Talks
  • Warner Bros. DVD Post production supervisor and ADR, Sound design: Batman returns
  • Guitar and recording arts teacher at The Musician’s Institute Los Angeles
  • Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado Denver, teaching Recording Arts and Sound Design for Media.
  • Sound designer for stage production of “12 angry men” for St. Croix Festival Theatre
  • Live stream consultant for multiple online large Music Festivals and Live venues

Awards and recognition:

  • 2021 Colorado Creative Industries Grant recipient


  • Emmy Nomination for sound design team member for Eureeka’s Castle for Nickelodeon
  • Golden Globe Nomination for sound design team for the Feature film Gettysburg, Turner films.

Studio History and technical training for audio, Music and Post:
The Record Plant NYC – 1986 – Synclavier programmer and operator for Hans Tobeason, training with Kooster McCallister audio engineering and mixing.  Digital audio Synclavier-based post-production facility. Sound design and music for Nickelodeon Cable’s “Eureeka’s Castle” (1989 ACE Award for children’s programming). Sound design and engineering for independent films and music projects.

Planet Sound Studios NYC – 1988 -Synclavier programmer and operator for Bruce Nazarian and Gnome Productions,  audio engineering and mixing. Music and Sound design and audio post production. Assistant engineer and Synclavier operator music, sound design and TV and film post production services.

The Complex – 1990 – Los Angeles – Synclavier programmer and audio engineer for Bruce Nazarian and Gnome productions. Post Production, sound design and audio services for Film and TV.  Sound Editor for Dinosaurs”, a Disney-produced network show running on ABC TV. sound editorial and mixing services on many animated TV shows, including Sonic The Hedgehog.

EFX – 1991 – Los Angeles -Freelance  Synclavier sound designer for animated series and TV.
The Enterprise – 1991 – Los Angeles – Freelance  Synclavier sound designer for animated series and TV and music production

Soundworks West – 1993 – Los Angeles – Gnome productions, Synclavier Post production services, Sound Editor on “Gettysburg” for Ted Turner one of the first feature films to make extensive use of Digital Mix-to-Picture, a new technique where sound effects, Foley and dialog/ADR were played back live on the dub stage from digital devices, instead of from pre-recorded mag film. Golden Globe Nomination for Sound Design feature film.

Westlake Audio Studio E – 1994 – Los Angeles – Freelance  Synclavier sound designer for animated series and TV and music production and focused on music production for Michael Jackson and the Dangerous Tour.

Magnolia Studios – 1995 – Burbank – Studio owner for the Interactive Audio Group and Synclavier owner and operator at the largest Synclavier Audio and post production facility in the world. Music and post production for TV, film and video games, as well as music for production for clients, Sting and DreamWorks.

The Interactive Audio Group – 1998  -Toluca Lake – Owner and Producer for music and post production services for TV, Film and new media Games.

JM Media Services LLC – 2019 – Boulder Colorado – Owner and Producer for music and post production services for TV, Film and new media Games.

JM Media Services LLC – 2023 – Vigo Spain – Music production and mixing and sound design.

jmmediaservicesllc at gmail dot com

Articles that I have written as a Featured Columnist for Jazz Guitar Today Magazine
My most current article was the cover of the March 2024 issue: https://jazzguitartoday.com/2024/03/navigating-the-new-age-of-guitar-virtuosity/

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