Recent Projects

This is a Video I Produced with ALOC Media, as part of a new “Makers series” about Front Range Craftsmen. This one is about a talented Guitarist and Boutique electric guitar amplifier maker here in Colorado.

A recent documentary style Video I produced for Naropa University:

A community Art Project I Produced and Mixed with ALOC Media

This was a Live 4 camera shoot of a “TED Talk” style engagement where I produced 7 20 minute talks, created the original title sound design and mixed the audio:


A video I produced for the FoCo Cafe non-profit in Ft. Collins, Co.

An informational video about the Boulder County Arts Alliance. Produced By John March and ALOC media.

I recently helped a good friend and his band Purple Squirrel by Producing, recording, shooting, Mixing and editing a Live recording session at his home. Great musicians playing in a relaxed setting. Edwin Hurwitz brought his remote rig which includes amazing Mic Pre’s, a great Mic collection and a DAW interface. We recorded all the audio Direct to Protools and used 2 GoPros, 2 Zoom Q2’s and a DSLR. Afterwards I mixed the tracks in Protools and then edited  the video in Finalcut X:

A promotional Video I Produced and edited in Collaboration with ALOC media, for the Boulder Jazz Supper club Caffe Sole: