Colorado Music Hall of Fame Documentaries

In 2018 and 2019 I had the honor of Writing, Producing, Editing, Composing and performing original music for, and Mixing 14 short form documentaries about Colorado musicians and entrepreneurs who were inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Chuck Morris of AEG, KBCO Radio station, Jazzmasters including: Bill Frisell, Diane Reeves, Ron Miles, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Mother Folkers, Walt Conley, Harry Tuft, Zephyr, Freddi & Henchi, Anthony Spicola, Swallow Hill Music, Richard Weissman, Wendy, Kale, Tommy Bolin and Otis Taylor.

Jazz Masters and Beyond –
Walt Conley –
Zephyr –
Anthony Spicola –
Freddi & Henchi –
Chuck Morris of AEG Presents –
Swallow Hill Music –
Richard Weissman –
Wendy Kale –
Tommy Bolin –|
Otis Taylor –