Creative Collaborators

I am also a senior Producer/consultant, in creative partnership with ALOC media in Boulder Co., providing high level Audio and Video Production services.  Our team of experts and professionals can offer extremely cost effective solutions for any and all media productions: e.g  Promotional Video for businesses and artists/music projects, Live performance and Arts Video, testimonials/interviews, Live/remote multi-track recording and mixing, Post production editorial and mixing, dialog editorial, Audio repair, Motion Graphics design, Branding logo animations and sound design (as seen below), Sound design for installations and audio sweetening, Music production/recording, guitar/editorial, Haptic design, AR and VR consultation, Photography, Workflow design for media production, and much more!

In collaboration with Immersion Touch Technology, I am designing and creating haptic content for National and International  Mobile Advertising Campaigns for clients like: Cadillac, Lottery, Netflix, Luke Cage, Bose, Ford, LeMans, and many more. Haptic Design for the Cannes International Film Festival, the following short movie selections:
Jamie XX
Super Humans
Biggest A@*hole
Sick Kids
Burns & Smiles

“Immersion TouchSense® technology represents a new creative craft that brings forth the full experience of sight, sound and touch in mobile content. This is another step forward in creating fully immersive, engaging, brand experiences.”